Monday, June 19, 2017

Catastrophe of bank interest rates – 14

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Here I wish to give an example of notable financier Warren Buffet of USA. One smart player could convince him of his arguments and told him that if he invests the way his arithmetic formula suggests, he will make big profits. Mr. Buffet invested on that and suffered loss. Not one time but repeatedly, he finally stopped working as per that formula and reverted to his own intuition as he used to do before. This Warren Buffet told in one of his speeches. One university-trained economist approached him and told him to invest in stock market as per the finding from these formulae. Warren Buffet had never used them in his many years of successful practice. He decided to give him a chance. After some investments, he realized that most times investments went wrong and he suffered big loss. He then stopped working on those formulae. Warren warned the audiences in that meet to be aware of these formulae. This experience of notable investor we must consider before giving these imaginary formulae undue importance. I request our Indian universities to understand this limit of these formulae and while teaching them students made aware of that. Gambler group takes full advantage of this and keep fooling market. Our present economics world over is suffering from these wrong formulae, this must stop. American universities are creating many wrong theories and force people world over to accept them and worst part is that today we consider that anything American is perfect. They take worst advantage of that bias. We should understand that universities in USA are not that perfect, at least as far as economic science is concerned. I am of the opinion that if we stop this group from fooling world with their false theories we will save this world from all depressions and inflationary effects on our markets.
Black market – Black market means where sells are done without paying indirect taxes. Earning created by them is not accounted for in actual books of accounts. This group is much like money launderers insist for reduction in interest rates and join hands with those cronies to pressurize finance Ministry to force banks to reduce interest rates so that they get money to indulge in their nefarious economic activities at lowest rates of interest. All show they create with help of their smart economists that what they suggest is in accordance with the utmost (?) economic principles. A less alert person can be easily taken for ride and misguided. This ultimately leads to reduction in interest rates on bank loans and they benefit by that. A lot of black money they create out of that easily available money. This unaccounted money they use to purchase people in power and other influential people who would be of use to them in their financial activities. They create a big crony circle of stakes in political and other social media circles and by that; they can influence economic activities of the society. This is the most dangerous group to our economy. Smugglers come in this group. They are stinking rich; their being rich is a problem to honest society.

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